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Joanna Wing grew up in Northern California, but has lived in Colorado and San Francisco and utilizes cutting edge technology for both web site and marketing to meet goals and expectations for our clients.

Our Favorite Christmas Drink – Spiced Apple Cider


My favorite drink during Thanksgiving and Christmas has got to be Spiced Apple Cider. I think my brain tells me it's healthy because of the apples and if I am full on Apple Cider I won't eat appetizers/desserts. Over the years I have modified recipes to make my own version. The key to a wonderful [...]

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How to be a Savvy Real Estate Investor


Purchasing a property for an investment is very different then for your personal home. If you are planning to become a real estate investor consider sitting down with a real estate agent. We can help you put together an investment plan. Here are 5 real estate investment tips to get started. 1. Know Where to Buy [...]

How to be a Savvy Real Estate Investor2017-08-05T04:54:40+00:00

Tips for Creating Trendy Small Spaces


"More Space" is a fairly common topic when shopping for homes. People need more space everywhere, however, unless money is not an object there is usually a budget to follow. Learning to utilize small spaces is a growing business and trend. Big box stores, furniture stores, garage storage, closet companies, under bed storage,... you name [...]

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Real Estate photography – How to Take Amazing Listing Photos


The first thing potential home buyers will see are your property listing photos. Real Estate photography techniques and planning are essential to make a good first impression. When I first look at a property to list, my main focus is on it's attributes. Even if the property is a "fixer" there is ALWAYS something positive about the [...]

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