The first thing potential home buyers will see are your property listing photos. Real Estate photography techniques and planning are essential to make a good first impression.

When I first look at a property to list, my main focus is on it’s attributes. Even if the property is a “fixer” there is ALWAYS something positive about the property and this is what the real estate photographer must focus on.

There are many web sites, TV shows, and books on the technicality of taking a great photo. In this post I want to focus on some of the basic things an agent or homeowner can do to improve their listing photos.

1: Get Rid of Clutter

Redding Real Estate Photographybottom line , you have heard it a thousand times, Do it!

2: Perfect landscaping

Sunset Real Estate PhotographyAll the lawns mowed, branches trim, leaves raked, hedges trimmed.

3: Sunset Setting or Morning View

Sunset Real Estate PhotographyThese times are often the best lighting depending on the property.

4: Focus on the Best Attributes

How to Take Amazing Listing Photos - Real Estate photographyIs it the view, pool, neighborhood, trees, tile, or kitchen? That is where the bulk of your time should be spent.

5: Think Outside the Box

Sometimes I find myself taking photos of the street, Main Gate, the view, Mountain Regions…


I personally use a higher end DSLR camera, however, for the spectacular shots of homes- always use a professional real estate photographer.