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“Welcome to our Backyard” Tehama County Promotional Video


This is my hometown. It was really important to showcase what Red Bluff and the surrounding areas offer. Nathan, Heather Smith (of and I worked for 8 months on this project, to showcase the different neighborhoods, businesses, events and people. As we worked on this project we wanted to properly represent the area [...]

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How to Buy an Investment Property


So you are ready to start planning your first investment property purchase? First things first. There are a couple of professionals that you need before you start looking for an investment property. 1. Your Investment Property team. Included in your real estate investment team should be a. Realtor  b. Mortgage Banker  c. CPA   d. Attorney (You should [...]

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How to be a Savvy Real Estate Investor


Purchasing a property for an investment is very different then for your personal home. If you are planning to become a real estate investor consider sitting down with a real estate agent. We can help you put together an investment plan. Here are 5 real estate investment tips to get started. 1. Know Where to Buy [...]

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