“More Space” is a fairly common topic when shopping for homes. People need more space everywhere, however, unless money is not an object there is usually a budget to follow. Learning to utilize small spaces is a growing business and trend. Big box stores, furniture stores, garage storage, closet companies, under bed storage,… you name it, people are thinking it in terms of storage ideas.

Where to Shop for Small Spaces?

Number one on my list of stores is IKEA

Ikea Small Spaces Ideas
They are the leader in affordable, smaller furniture that usually performs dual purposes. I love their small spaces concept Rooms.

Number two is Home Depot.

Home Depot Small Spaces IdeasThey are continually changing products for room/bike/tool/garage/hanging storage.

Number three is Pinterest.

Not only can I see the finished product of a great idea but usually there are how to steps.
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When showing homes for sale, Buyers will look for any “extra” closet, nook, or area that can be turned into a valuable small spaces storage. It is best to be proactive so you can enjoy your wonderful space.