Investment Property

Broker & Manager

My name is Joanna Wing, I am a seasoned real estate broker and dedicated property manager in Northern California. My focus revolves around buying, selling, and expertly managing investment rental properties, providing you with a holistic approach to real estate success.

Investor to Investor


I specialize in connecting investment buyers with current rental properties for sale and facilitating seamless transactions between rental property owners. By integrating a diverse pool of buyers through our property management office, I provide direct access to a range of investors and investment opportunities.

Investor to Tenant


Simultaneously, I leverage our network of tenants to identify qualified buyers for investment properties being listed. This dual strategy results in maximum exposure for your property listings, offering a competitive edge in the real estate market.


Real Estate Transactions

Your 1 stop real estate connection.


Investor Owners

We work closely with our rental owners to manage and expand their portfolios.


Tenants Managed

Many are actively home shopping.

So let’s


Ready to supercharge your investments? Let’s talk! Maximize returns, seamless transactions, and top-notch property management – it’s what we do best. Contact us now to elevate your investment game.